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The Cannabis Grow Bible

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The most comprehensive guide to marijuana gardening ever written is back with all new information and updated advice for cannabis enthusiasts. Over 200 additional pages of all new information are included in this book, from all new lighting equipment and techniques, to highly advanced cannabinoid extraction techniques and detailed, step-by-step gardening guides for novice and professional growers alike.



Vernmisterra Earthworm Tea

VermisTerra® Earthworm Casting Tea is a microbial solution prepared by a proprietary technique.  It is an excellent fertilizer that help increase the ecological diversity and vitality of the soil.  As a byproduct of vermicompost, it contains all the benefits of earthworm castings and more.  Viable plant health and production rely on their relationship with beneficial microbes the tea provides.  Applying our high-quality Earthworm Casting Tea will make your plants more vigorous and more capable of withstanding diseases and pests.

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Table Top Wash Machine.png

Table Top Wash Machine

Portable washing machine goes anywhere.  Ideal for small loads and delicates, such as underwear, socks, T-shirts, towels,etc.

Easy to operate, and powerful.  Just fill with water and set timer. Perfect for Apartments, Dorms, Travel, your second washer at home.



The Seedsman

Buy top quality Cannabis Seeds from Seedsman today. Our range of marijuana seeds is one of the largest online, with more than 3000 varieties of Cannabis Seeds available to buy. Our diverse library of cannabis seeds includes a wide range of feminised seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering seeds as well as potent high THC strains and high CBD medical strains featuring superior genetics from every corner of the globe.


The Cannabis Encyclopedia

The Cannabis Encyclopedia

The award winning Cannabis Encyclopedia is the definitive guide to medical marijuana cultivation and consumption. It explains all the essential techniques to grow indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. All gardening practices are well-researched and illustrated with easy step-by-step examples and instructions.

More than 2,000 beautiful color images illustrate this 596-page book. The large 8.5 x 11-inch format, three-column pages are easy to read and packed with up-to-date information that make this book essential for all cannabis gardeners and patients.


Microbe Life 717510 Photosynthesis Plus Fertilizer

Microbe Life 717510 Photosynthesis Plus Fertilizer

  • Enhances photosynthesis and biological function by allowing plants to capture
  • Speeds uptake and distribution of essential macro and micro nutrients required for all plant metabolic functions and growth
  • Utilize radiant energy more efficiently
Titanium T Press Tool 3.5 Inches - Fully Metal - T Shape, Spice Pollen

Titanium T Press Tool 3.5 Inches - Fully Metal - T Shape, Spice Pollen

About the product

  • Fully made of Titanium - Resistance to Galling - Experience the difference
  • 5" full released- 3.5" full pressed, Cylinder DIA 1", Cylinder height 2 1/2"
  • It can be heated, manufactured by TitanOwl team
  • Use a thin coat of Olive oil on ends before each use to get the finest result
  • Please run it few times then clean it before first use.